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We’re glad you’re here and want your on boarding experience of to be smooth and organized. This development software and hardware so you get a clear overview about what to expect during your first days with the company.  We provide services in following technologies Solar Panel, Embedded Systems, IOT ,Robot ,  Power Electronics , Power Systems , Grid Monitoring , Renewable Energy, Drives.

project center in trichy

Our Services

Professional Academic Training.

Research Products and Design.

PCB Design and Fabrication.

Project Center in Trichy.

Power Intergrated is an Engineering Design Services Company. We currently focus on end to end IC Design Services for IoT, Mobile, NextGen Automobile & SMAC(Social,Mobile,Analytics,Cloud) technologies. We provide solutions to building System On Chips involving both Digital & Analog design.


  • Foundation IP
  • Memory Design & Layout, IO Design & Layout
  • Analog Design & Layout, Standard Cell Design & Layout
  • ASIC Design, RTL design
  • SoC Verification (OVM/UVM), Physical Design
  • Technology/Infrastructure, CAD flow and methodology
  • PDK development and QA, Techfile development and QA

Embedded systems

  • Board design.
  • Sensor Integration.
  • Keil uVision.
  • Analyse and Code Verify.
  • Testing and Qualification
  • Embedded Software
  • Cloud based Automation

Solar Panel - Renewable Energy

  • Solar Junction Box making
  • Solar special cable making
  • Solar array combiner AB making
  • Solar strem-Lights & Home lights making
  • Solar Garden Lights & Path•way lights making
  • Solar Traffic-signal Lights making
  • Solar Panel making
  • Charge Controller making.
  • Solar Inverter making 10. Solar cooker making. 
  • Domestic Mini Wind.
  • Small Hydra Turbine making

Power Electronics

  • IoT based Power Electronics.
  • dsPIC IC Support.
  • MPLAB – PIC Microcontroller Compiler
  • CCS COMPILER – PIC Microcontroller Compiler
  • Arduino – dsPIC Integration.
  • MATLAB – Power Electronics and Image Processing Application
  •  Inverter / Converter Design.
  • Level Inverter Mainfest.
  • Grid Integrtaion.
  • Motor and Drives Integrated.
  • Altium Designer – PCB Design Software

Home Automation

Home automation system is one of the automation systems, which is used for controlling home appliances automatically (sometimes remotely) with the help of various control systems. The home automation systems are used for controlling the indoor & outdoor lights, heat, ventilation, air conditioning in the house, to lock or open the doors & gates, to control electrical & electronic appliances and so on using various control systems with appropriate sensors.

Water Tank Automation

The determined professionals at our end, bring to our valued customers a quality product, the Water Automation Systems. These products are made from best-in-industry quality raw materials acquired from trusted vendors and thus maintain the international standard in their operation. The Water Automation Systems we provide also have the following type of systems, Multiple Tanks Automation Systems, Multiple Building Water Automation, Single Pump Multiple Tanks Automation, Automatic Off Pump and Manual On Auto Off from India.

Other Services


Project Center in Trichy

Smart Switching


Power Electronics

Embedded System


Renewal Energy

Power System


About Us

Power Integrated Solutions,  the innovators in Commercial, Electronics Products, Engineering Lab Equipment’s and IEEE & NON-IEEE Based projects, project center in trichy. Our service offers for the complete product development cycle. Our team has more than 10+ year experience in the field of embedded based application designing, product development, project training and course training so.We have also done more than 3000 projects based on Electronic,Electrical,Computer Science,Power Electronics and Power System.In the world, there is a strong demand from industry for engineers who have implementing new technologies for a task.Project Center in Trichy is a design company that works closely with its technical customers to achieve results as fast and as cost effectively as possible With a highly skilled and experienced team of engineers, we provide a broad range of electronic design skills and resources to your project, as it is needed. This gives the project manager the flexibility and control to optimize the project for fast completion or cost, or to react to the unexpected Specialist Area. Our engineering team is made up of engineers with many years of experience with major engineering companies, taking products from concept through to production.

Smart Switching

Smart Switching  – is an IOT device for Home Automation.Using Wifi and Mobile Hot Spot, you can control home appliances. 

Our Smart Switching  will have 4 Loads

  • One Motor
  • Light
  • Fan
  • PC
  • Projector
  • TV
  • Fridge
  • Grinder



Best place to gain knowledge in embedded systems and nice teaching staffs with advanced kits.

Best in Power electronics.
Staffs are friendly and motivating.
They are doing Innovative projects and courses. Best in the industry

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