1. Optimization Control of Power Balance for Stability Improvement inGrid-Connected PV System
  1. Shipboard DC Systems—A Critical Overview: Challenges in Primary Distribution, Power-Electronics-Based Protection, and Power Scalability
  2. Modelling and Simulation of Hydrogen Energy Storage System for Power- to-gas and Gas-to-power Systems
  3. Continuous Operation of Wind Power Plants Under Pole-to-Ground Fault in an HVDC System Consisting of Half-Bridge MMCs and Disconnecting Switches
  4. Quality Analysis of Photovoltaic System Using Descriptive Statistics of Power Performance Index
  5. Grid-Tied Solar PV System with Power Quality Enhancement Using Adaptive Generalized Maximum Versoria Criterion
  6. Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage Integrated Current-source DC/DC Converter for Voltage Stabilization and Power Regulation in DFIG-based DC Power Systems
  7. Dynamic Frequency Support and DC Voltage Regulation Approach for VSC-MTDC Systems
  8. Improvement of Frequency Regulation of a Wind-Integrated Power System Based on a PD-PIDA Controlled STATCOM Tuned by the Artificial Rabbits Optimizer
  9. Unreliability Tracing of Power Systems with High Penetration of Wind Power Based on Temporal Decomposition Model
  10. An Innovative Converter less Solar PV Control Strategy for a Grid Connected Hybrid PV/Wind/Fuel-Cell System Coupled With Battery Energy Storage
  11. Control Method for Additional Damper in Hydro-turbine Speed Governorof Hydro-dominant Power Systems
  1. Autonomous-synergic Voltage Security Regions in Bulk Power Systems Enabling 100 % Renewable Power Systems Through Power Electronic

Grid-Forming Converter and Control: System Integration for Security, Stability, and Application to Europe

15.Capacity  Allocation  of   Hybrid Power System with Hot   Dry   Rock Geothermal Energy, Thermal Storage, and PV Based on Game Approaches

16.Hierarchical Frequency-dependent Chance Constrained Unit Commitmentfor Bulk AC/DC Hybrid Power Systems with Wind Power Generation

17.Effect of Various Incremental Conductance MPPT Methods on theCharging of Battery Load Feed by Solar Panel

  1. An Improved Bipolar Voltage Boost AC Voltage Controller With Reduced Switching Transistors
  2. A Comprehensive Review of Micro grid Control Mechanism and Impact Assessment for Hybrid Renewable Energy Integration
  3. Exploiting the Inherent Flexibility in Transmission Network for Optimal Scheduling, Wind Power Utilization, and Network Congestion Management
  4. Review of Methods to Accelerate Electromagnetic Transient Simulation of Power Systems
  5. Simultaneous optimization of renewable energy and energy storage capacity with hierarchical control
  6. Investigation on Sizing of Voltage Source for a Battery Energy Storage System in Micro grid With Renewable Energy Sources
  7. Smart Meter Data Analytics for Occupancy Detection of Buildings with Renewable Energy Generation
  8. Algorithm for Demand Response to Maximize the Penetration of Renewable Energy
  9. Isolation and Protection of the Motor-Generator Pair System for Fault Ride-Through of Renewable Energy Generation Systems
  10. A Home Energy Management System With Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Utilizing Main Grid and Electricity Selling
  11. Overview of energy storage in renewable energy power fluctuation mitigation
  12. Robust Operation of a Water-Energy Nexus: A Multi-Energy Perspective Photovoltaic System MPPT using Fuzzy Logic Controller
  13. 31.Comparative Analysis of P&O and FLC based SEPIC Boost Converter for

Solar PV Application

32.Model and Simulation of a Renewable Energy Market: Integration of Renewable Energy Sources with the Conventional Generation System

33.Algorithm for Demand Response to Maximize the Penetration ofRenewable Energy

  1. Overview of energy storage in renewable energy power fluctuation mitigation
  2. Dynamic Economic Dispatch With Maximal Renewable Penetration Under Renewable Obligation
  3. Dynamic Inertia Response Support by Energy Storage System with Renewable Energy Integration Substation
  4. Machine Learning Based Energy Management Model for Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Districts
  5. Single Pulse Common-Mode Voltage PWM Scheme to Achieve High Power-Density for Full Sic Three-level Uninterruptible Power Supply
  6. A Multi-load Wireless Power Transfer System with Series-parallel-series (SPS) Compensation
  7. Improved Pulse Density Modulation for Semi-bridgeless Active Rectifier in Inductive Power Transfer System
  8. Solar Optiverter –A Novel Hybrid Approach to the Photovoltaic Module Level Power Electronics
  9. A Power Electronic Traction Transformer Configuration with Low- Voltage IGBTs for Onboard Traction Application
  10. Port Controlled Hamiltonian Modelling and IDA-PBC Control of Dual Active Bridge Converters for DC Microgrids
  11. Carrier-Based Digital PWM and Multirate Technique of a Cascaded H- Bridge Converter for Power Electronic Traction Transformers
  12. A Modified DC   Power   Electronic  Transformer  Based  on   Series Connection of Full-Bridge Converters.
  13. A Unified Power Flow Controller Using a Power Electronics Integrated
  14. Evaluation of power  processing  in   series-connected  partial-power
  15. Centralized monitoring of the power electronics
  16. Functioning Algorithm of the Stand Alone Power Supply System with Renewable Energy
  17. Design and Optimization of a Solar Power Conversion System for Space
  18. Power Quality Analysis of Phase Controlled Bidirectional and Unidirectional AC Voltage Controllers and their impacts on input power


  1. An Improved Three-Stages Cascading PassivityBased Control of Grid- Connected LCL Converter in Unbalanced Weak Grid Condition
  2. An Improved Bipolar Voltage Boost AC Voltage Controller With Reduced Switching Transistors
  3. An Active Voltage Stabilizer for a DC Microgrid System
  4. A Sub-Synchronous Oscillation Suppression Strategy for Doubly Fed Wind Power Generation System
  5. Review of Methods to Accelerate Electromagnetic Transient Simulation of Power Systems
  6. Switching Transition Control to Improve Efficiency of a DC/DC Power Electronic System
  7. Analyze the Impact of Demand Side Management on Grid Power for an Isolate Zone in a Sustainable IEEE 14 Bus System
  8. Exploiting the Operational Flexibility of Wind Integrated Hybrid AC/DC Power Systems
  9. Power Compensation of Network Losses in a Microgrid With BESS by Distributed Consensus Algorithm
  10. Control of UPQC based on steady state linear Kalman filter for compensation of power quality problems
  11. Implementation of           Hybrid         STATCOM                           System         for                Power    System Performance Enhancement
  12. Investigation of                Modular      Multilevel       Converters  for                       E-STATCOM Applications
  13. Voltage Flicker Compensation of STATCOM Through Novel Bee Colony Optimization
  14. Analysis of Stability in IEEE 14 Bus System using ETAP Software Improving the Reactive Current Compensation Capability of Cascaded H-

Bridge Based STATCOM Under Unbalanced Grid Voltage

  1. Network-Wide Influence of   a   STATCOM  Configured  for   Voltage Unbalance Mitigation
  2. GA Based Optimal STATCOM Placement for Improvement of Voltage Stability
  3. Power Quality Assessment of A Wind Power-Integrated System into the Power Grid
  4. Quasi-Two-Stage Multifunctional Photovoltaic Inverter With Power Quality Control and Enhanced Conversion Efficiency

20.A PV-Statcom for Enhancement of power quality in grid integrated system using Unit Vector Controller

21.Implementation of Switched Mode Power Supply with Power Quality Enhancement using Zeta Converter

22.A Proposal for Power Quality Management System

23.A Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage Emulator/Battery SupportedDynamic Voltage Restorer

  1. Single-Phase to Three-Phase Unified Power Quality Conditioner Applied inSingle Wire Earth Return Electric Power Distribution Grids
  1. Voltage Control with PV Inverters in Low Voltage Networks—In Depth

Analysis of Different Concepts and Parameterization Criteria

  1. Low-Capacitance Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel STATCOM Simultaneous Micro grid Voltage and Current Harmonics Compensation

Using Coordinated Control of Dual Interfacing Converters

  1. MPC-SVM Method for Vienna Rectifier with PMSG used in Wind Turbine Systems
  2. An Isolated Topology  for   Reactive   Power   Compensation  With   a Modularized Dynamic-Current Building-Block
  3. Shunt Active Power Filter Based on Cascaded Transformers Coupled with Three-Phase Bridge Converters
  4. Full-Bridge Reactive Power  Compensator With   Minimized-Equipped Capacitor and Its Application to Static Var Compensator
  5. Investigation Dynamic Voltage Restorers With Two DC Links and Series Converters for Three-Phase Four-Wire Systems

33.A Versatile Unified Power Quality Conditioner Applied to Three-Phase Four-Wire Distribution Systems Using a Dual Control Strategy

  1. Connection of Converters to a Low and Medium Power DC Network Using an Inductor Circuit
  2. High-Performance Constant Power Generation in Grid-Connected PV Systems
  3. Control Strategy to Maximize the Power Capability of PV Three-Phase Inverters During Voltage Sags
  4. Delay-Dependent Stability of Single-Loop Controlled Grid-Connected Inverters with LCL Filters
  5. Grid-Current-Feedback Active Damping for LCL Resonance in Grid- Connected Voltage-Source Converters

39.A Hybrid-STATCOM With Wide Compensation Range and Low DC-Link Voltage

  1. Hybrid Energy Storage System Micro Grids Integration For Power Quality Improvement Using Four Leg Three Level NPC Inverter and Second Order Sliding Mode Control


  1. Increasing Light Load Efficiency in Phase-Shifted, Variable FrequencyMultiport Series Resonant Converters
  1. Common DC-Link   Multilevel Converters:  Topologies,  Control  and Industrial Applications
  2. High Efficiency LLC Resonant Converter With Wide Output Range of 200–1000 V for DC-Connected EVs Ultra-Fast Charging Stations
  3. Adaptive Bus-Impedance-Damping Control of Multi-Converter SystemApplying Bidirectional Converters
  1. Direct Arm Energy Control of the Modular Multilevel Matrix Converter
  2. Design Considerations and Performance Investigation of a Five-LevelCascaded Multilevel LLC Boost DC–DC Converter
  1. A Modified    PI-Controller   Based   High    Current   Density   DC–DC Converter for EV Charging Applications
  1. Single-Phase Mains Fed Three-Phase Induction Motor Drive UsingImproved Power Quality Direct AC–AC Converter
  1. Decentralized Control Strategy for Switching Harmonic Elimination ofModularized Input Parallel Output Series Dual Active Bridge Converter
  1. Resonant Frequency Tracking Scheme for LLC Converter Based on Large and Small Signal Combined Model
  2. Failure Prevention in DC–DC Converters: Theoretical Approach and Experimental Application on a Zeta Converter
  3. Coupled Inductor Based Soft Switched High Gain Bidirectional DC-DC Converter With Reduced Input Current Ripple
  4. Minimum Backflow Power and ZVS Design for Dual-Active-Bridge DC– DC Converters

14.A  Single-Stage   Semi   Dual-Active-Bridge  AC–DC  Converter  With Seamless Mode Transition and Wide Soft-Switching Range

  1. Coupled Inductor Based Soft Switched High Gain Bidirectional DC-DC Converter With Reduced Input Current Ripple
  2. New Four-Channel Resonant Boost DC/DC
  3. Flexible Interlinking Converter With Enhanced FRT Capability for On- Board DC Microgrids
  4. Large-Signal Stability Guarantees for Cycle-by-Cycle Controlled DC–DC Converters
  5. Reliability of Silicon Battery Technology and Power Electronics Based Energy Conversion

20.A High Efficiency and Wide Voltage Gain sLC_LCC DC–DC Converter With SiC Devices

21.Unidirectional Step-Up DC–DC Converter Based on Interleaved Phases, Coupled Inductors, Built-In Transformer, and Voltage Multiplier Cells

22.A Comprehensive Review of Microgrid Control Mechanism and Impact Assessment for Hybrid Renewable Energy Integration

  1. Transformer-Less Voltage Equalizer for Energy Storage Cells Based on Double-Tiered MultiStacked Converters
  2. Modified Phase-Shift Scheme for Optimal Transient Response of Dual- Active-Bridge DC/DC Converters Considering the Resistive Impact
  3. WBG-Based PEBB Module for High Reliability Power Converters Voltage Lift Switched Inductor Double Leg Converter With Extended

Duty Ratio for DC Microgrid Application

  1. An Overview on Single/Multi Output Isolated Resonant Converter Topologies for Vehicular applications
  2. Developing a super-lift luo-converter with integration of buck converters for electric vehicle applications

29.A  Modular  Two-Stage High  Step-Down DC-DC Converter  Using Frequency Multiplier Circuit for Datacenter Applications

  1. Three-port Pulse Width Modulated DC-DC Converter for Vehicular Applications
  2. Performance of P/PI/PID Based controller in DC-DC Converter for PV applications and Smart Grid Technology
  3. Fault Tolerant Series LC Resonant Converter Topology for Constant Power Applications
  4. Nonlinear Implementable Control of a Dual Active Bridge Series Resonant Converter
  5. Design of a Multiport Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Low Power PV Applications
  6. Predictive Current Control Strategy for a Multi-Modular Matrix Converter Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter Designed for PCB Applications 37.Reduced Switch Voltage Stress Ultra-gain DC-DC Converter for High

Voltage Low Power Applications

38.A Novel Topology of Multilevel Bidirectional and Symmetrical Split-Pi Converter

39.A Lossless Passive Snubber Circuit for Three-Port DC-DC Converter

40.An Experimental Estimation of Hybrid ANFIS–PSO-Based MPPT for PVGrid Integration Under Fluctuating Sun Irradiance

41.Two Switch Non-Isolated Quadratic Gain DC-DC Converters

42.A Single-Inductor Dual-Output DC-DC Converter with Dual-Mode Control

43.A new Approach of Resonant Converter using Large Air Gap Transformer

44.A Novel Boost Converter Topology with Non-Pulsating Input and Output Current

  1. Modelling and Optimization of DC/DC Converter for Supplying of LED Lighting
  2. Zero Voltage Transition Non-Isolated Bidirectional Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter with Coupled Inductors
  3. Nonisolated Multiport Converters Based on Integration of PWM Converter and Phase-Shift-Switched Capacitor Converter
  4. Developing a super-lift luo-converter with integration of buck converters for electric vehicle applications
  5. Capacitor Size Comparison on High-Power DC-DC Converters with Different Transformer Winding Configurations on the AC-link
  6. Bidirectional Isolated Ripple Cancel Triple Active Bridge DC-DC Converter
  7. Configurations of DC–DC converters of one input and multiple outputs without transformer

52.A New DC-DC Double Zeta Quadratic Converter

53.A Study Of Landsman, Sepic And Zeta Converter By Particle Swarm Optimization Technique

54.Speed Control of Brushless DC Motor using Zeta Converter

55.Implementation of Switched Mode Power Supply with Power QualityEnhancement using Zeta Converter

  1. Bridgeless Isolated Zeta-Luo Converter Based EV Charger with PF Pre- regulation
  2. Novel Modulation of Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Energy Storage Systems

58.A High Performance Shade-Tolerant MPPT Based on Current-Mode Control.

  1. High-Efficiency Bidirectional Buck-Boost Converter for Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Systems in a Smart
  2. High Frequency PCB Winding Transformer with Integrated Inductors for a Bi-directional Resonant Converter.

61.A Highly Reliable and Efficient Class of Single Stage High-Frequency AC-Link Converters

  1. Modulated Modl Predictive Control for Modular Multilevel ACAC Converter
  2. Optimal Phase Shift Control to Minimize Reactive Power for a Dual Active Bridge DC-DC Converter.
  3. Analysis of the Impact of Electric Vehicle Charging Station on Power Quality Issues.

65.A Bidirectional Interactive Electric Vehicles Operation Modes: Vehicle- to-Grid (V2G) and Grid-to-Vehicle (G2V) Variations Within Smart Grid

  1. Optimal Charging and Discharging Planning for Electric vehicles in Energy saving
  2. Hybrid Modulation of Parallel-Series LLC Resonant Converter and Phase Shift Full-Bridge Converter for a Dual-Output DC–DC
  3. Switched Capacitor Converter Based Multiport Converter Integrating Bidirectional PWM and Series-Resonant Converters for Standalone Photovoltaic
  4. Performance Analysis of Fuzzy Logic Controlled DC-DC

70.A Single-Stage Three-Level AC/DC Converter for Wireless Power Transfer

71.A Novel High Voltage Gain Noncoupled Inductor SEPIC Converter

72.A New Non-Isolated Buck-Boost Converter with High Voltage Gain and Positive Output Voltage for Renewable Energy Applications

73.A Family of Coupled-Inductor-Based Soft-Switching DC–DC Converter With Double Synchronous Rectification.

  1. Experimental Evaluation of Capacitors for Power Buffering in Single- Phase Power
  2. Three Phase Single Stage Isolated Cuk based PFC



  1. Medium-Voltage Seven-Level Multiplexed Converter for AC Applications
  2. A 5-Level HERIC Active-Clamped Inverter With Full Reactive Power Capability for Grid-Connected Applications
  3. Reduced Voltage Stress and Spikes in Source Current of 7-Level Switched- Capacitor Based Multilevel Inverter
  4. Coupled Inductor Assisted High-Voltage Gain Half-Bridge Z-Source Inverter
  5. A Family of Single-Phase Single-Stage Boost Inverters
  6. PSO Tuning of a Second-Order Sliding Mode Controller for AdjustingActive Standard Power Levels for Smart Inverter Applications
  1. Stabilized Control  for  Power  Electronics  Transformer-Based Grid-Tied Inverter System
  1. Design Considerations  and   Performance  Investigation  of   a   Five- Level Cascaded Multilevel LLC Boost DC–DC Converter
  1. Implementation of New Optimal Control Methodology of Quazi Z- Source Inverter Based on MPC
  1. Power Sharing in Three-Level NPC Inverter Based Three-Phase Four- Wire Islanding Microgrids With Unbalanced Loads

11.A Hybrid PWM Technique to Improve the Performance of Voltage Source Inverters

  1. Pareto Front Analysis Method for Optimization of PV Inverter Based Volt/Var Control Considering Inverter Lifetime
  2. An Adaptive Hybrid Control of Reduced  Switch  Multilevel Grid Connected Inverter for Weak Grid Applications
  3. Hardware Evaluation for GaN-Based Single-Phase Five-Level Inverter

15.A    New    Topology   of    Single-Phase    Common    Ground   Buck-Boost Inverter With Component Voltage Rating Reduction

  1. Single-stage Five-level Common Ground Transformerless Inverter with Extendable Structure for Centralized Photovoltaics
  2. Multiple Open Switch   Fault   Diagnosis  of   Three   Phase   VoltageSource Inverter Using  Ensemble   Bagged   Tree   Machine   Learning Technique
  1. Space Vector Pulsewidth Modulation Strategy for Multilevel Cascaded H- Bridge Inverter With DC-Link Voltage Balancing Ability

19.A 5-Level HERIC Active-Clamped Inverter With Full Reactive Power Capability for Grid-Connected Applications

20.Three-Phase   Four-Wire Inverter for  Grid    Emulator   Under    Wide Inductance Variation to Evaluate the Performance of Distributed Generator

21.A New Non-Isolated Active Quasi Z-Source Multilevel Inverter With High Gain Boost

22.Feasibility Study of a Fully Decentralized Control Scheme for PV Cell-Level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverters

23.A Family of Single-Phase Single-Stage Boost Inverters

  1. Fault Diagnosis of Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Using Multiscale Kernel Convolutional Neural Network
  2. Coupled Inductor Assisted   High-Voltage   Gain    Half-Bridge    Z-

Source Inverter

26.A New Single DC Source Five-Level Boost Inverter Applicable to Grid- Tied Systems

  1. Quadruple Boost Switched   Capacitor-Based Inverter for Standalone Applications
  2. Active Impedance Network      Buck-Boost     Three-Level      T-

Type Inverter With Enhanced Voltage Gain

29.A Low Switch Count 13-Level Switched-Capacitor Inverter With Hexad Voltage-Boosting for Renewable Energy Integration

  1. Smart PV Inverter Cyberattack Detection Using Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Facility
  2. Novel Integrated NLC-SHE Control Applied in Cascaded Nine-Level H- Bridge Multilevel Inverter and Its Experimental Validation

32.A Novel Three-Level Quasi-Switched Boost F-Type Inverter With High Voltage Gain and Self-Balanced Neutral-Point Voltage

33.A Novel SEPIC-Ćuk Based High Gain Solar PV Micro-Inverter for Grid Integration

34.Multidimensional Pulsewidth Modulation for Cascaded Split-Source Inverter

35.A Single-Phase Common-Ground Five-Level Transformerless Inverter With Low Component Count for PV Applications

36.Cybersecurity of Smart Inverters in the Smart Grid: A Surve

37.A Current Controller Gain Characterization of Weak Grid Coupled Solar Inverter Through Impedance Interaction Modeling

38.Two Compact Three-Phase Multilevel Inverters for Low-Voltage Applications

39.A Novel Direct Torque Control Strategy of Two-Level Voltage Source Inverters for Eliminating Common-Mode Voltage Spikes Caused by Dead- Time Effect.

  1. Modeling and Suppressing Conducted Electromagnetic Interference Noise for LCL/LLCL‐Filtered Single‐Phase Transformerless Grid‐Connected Inverter
  2. Novel Soft-Switched Three-Phase Inverter With Output Current Ripple Cancellation
  3. Three-Phase Inverter Fed Adjustable Field IPMSM Drive Utilizing Zero- Sequence Current
  4. Fuzzy Logic Control for Solar PV Fed Modular Multilevel Inverter Towards Marine Water Pumping Applications
  5. Comparative Analysis of Hybrid NPP and NPC Seven-Level Inverter With Switched-Capacitor
  6. Fuzzy Logic Control for Solar PV Fed Modular Multilevel Inverter Towards Marine Water Pumping Applications
  7. Comparison of Fuzzy and ANFIS Controllers for Asymmetrical 31-Level Cascaded Inverter With Super Imposed Carrier PWM Technique
  8. Realization of Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Inverter based Grid Integrated Solar Energy System with Band Stop Generalized Integral Control

48.A New Switching Angle Calculation Method for a Symmetrical Multilevel Inverter

49.Hybrid Multi-Cell Single-Stage Reduced Switch Multilevel Inverter

50.Modified PWM Technique for a Multi-Pulse Converter fed Multilevel

Inverter Based IM Drive

51.Ladder-Switch Based Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Devices Count

52.An Asymmetrical Cascaded Single-phase quasi Z-Source MultilevelInverter with Reduced Number of Switches and Lower THD

53.Comprehensive Study Of Cascade Multilevel Inverters With Three LevelCells

  1. Modulation and Voltage Balancing of a Five-Level Series-Connected Multilevel Inverter With Reduced Isolated Direct Current Sources
  2. Cascadable Dual-Buck Multilevel Inverter Modules with Autonomous DC Capacitor Voltage Balance
  3. Simulation for Fault Forbearance Operation for Three-Phase Three-level H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter by Space Vector Modulation technique
  4. Modular Parallel Multi-Inverter System for HighPower Inductive Power Transfer

58.A Fuzzy Logic Based Switching Methodology for a Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter

59.Fuzzy Control Design for Quasi-Z-Source Three Phase Inverter.

60.A Novel Single Phase Multilevel Inverter Topology with Reduced Number of Switching Elements and Optimum THD Performance

61.A New Nine Level Inverter with Low TSV and Fewer Numbers of Components for Renewable Energy Systems

  1. Design and Implementation of a Three-Phase Inverter Operated with Different Conduction Modes
  2. Model Predictive Controller With Reduced Complexity for Grid-Tied Multilevel Inverters

64.A Very High Frequency Self-Oscillating Inverter Based on a Novel Free- Running Oscillator

65.A Three-Phase Asymmetric Multilevel Inverter for Standalone PV Systems.

  1. PV-Battery Series Inverter Architecture: A Solar Inverter for Seamless Battery Integration With Partial-Power DC–DC
  2. Optimal Switching Algorithm for Different Topologies of 15-Level Inverter Using Genetic Algorithm.
  3. Performance Analysis for Single-Stage Buck-Boost
  4. Vector Current Control Derived from Direct Power Control for Grid- Connected Inverters.
  5. Single-Stage Variable Turns Ratio High-Frequency Link Grid-Connected
  6. Design of Power Decoupling Strategy for Single Phase Grid-Connected Inverter Under Non-Ideal Power


  1. Hierarchical Model-Predictive Droop Control for Voltage and FrequencyRestoration in AC Microgrids
  1. Resilient AC Microgrids Against Correlated Attacks
  2. A Control Stage for Parallel-Connected Interlinking Converters inHybrid AC–DC Microgrids
  1. Protection of    the    Future   Harbor   Area AC Microgrids Containing Renewable Energy Sources and Batteries
  2. Distributed Detection Mechanism and Resilient Consensus Strategy for Secure Voltage Control of AC Microgrids
  1. A Seamless Switching Strategy for Hybrid AC/DC Microgrids under Varied Control Complexities
  2. Enhancing Dynamic Voltage Stability in Resilient Microgrids Using FACTS Devices
  3. Optimization, Design, and Feasibility Analysis of a Grid-Integrated Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid System for Rural Electrification
  1. An Integrated    Human–Cyber–Physical   Framework   for    Control of Microgrids

10.A    Novel    Cooperative   Control    Technique    for    Hybrid AC/DC Smart Microgrid Converters

11.Analysis and optimization of boost converter parameters in internal model- based control of voltage source converter-based AC microgrids

12.T-S    Fuzzy    Model    Based    Large-Signal    Stability   Analysis   of DC Microgrid With Various Loads

13.A Review on Challenges in DC Microgrid Planning and Implementation

14.Dynamic Analysis, Stability and Design of Grid Forming Converters With

PI-Based Voltage Control in DC and 3-Phase AC Microgrids

15.Data-Driven Cyberphysical Anomaly Detection for Microgrids With GFM Inverters

16.A Novel Low Device Count Four-Port Converter Based Solar-Fed Off- Grid System for Catering Household Hybrid AC/DC Loads

17.Power Management System (PMS) in Smart Hybrid AC/DC Microgrids.

18.Unbalanced Voltage Compensation in Smart Hybrid Microgrids

19.Harmonic Compensation Control in Smart Hybrid Microgrids

20.Overview of Power Quality in Microgrids

21.Energy Management System (EMS) in Smart Hybrid Microgrids

22.DC–DC Converter and On‐board DC Microgrid Stability

  1. Control of ILC in an Autonomous AC–DC Hybrid Microgrid With Unbalanced Nonlinear AC Loads
  2. Multicharacteristics Arc Model and Autocorrelation-Algorithm Based Arc Fault Detector for DC Microgrid
  3. Smart Microgrid Control During Grid Disturbances
  4. Multilevel Switching Mode Operation of Finite Set Model Predictive Control for Grid-Connected Packed E-Cell (PEC) Inverter

27.A Consensus-Based Algorithm for Power Sharing and Voltage Regulation in DC Microgrids

  1. Design of A Model Reference Adaptive Controller (MRAC) for DC-DC Boost Converter for Variations in Solar Outputs using modified MIT Rule in an Islanded Microgrid
  2. Modeling and Control of Current-Source Converter-Based AC Microgrids Overview and Implementation of Power Management in PV-Battery- Hydro Based Standalone Microgrid

31.Modeling Power Flow within a Microgrid for Energy Storage Sizing

32.Microgrid System with Emulated PV Sources for Parallel and Intentional Islanding Operations

33.Review of Switching and Control Techniques of Solar Microgrids

34.A  Consensus-Based Secondary  Control  Strategy  for  Hybrid  ac/dc Microgrids with Experimental Validation

  1. Location of Fault in a DC Microgrid using State Space Model Based Approach
  2. MESO-based robustness voltage sliding mode control for AC islanded microgrid

37.A Broad Frequency Range Harmonic Reduction for Cascaded-Power-Cell- Based Islanded Microgrid With Lumped PCC Filter

  1. Solid-State Circuit Breakers for C. Microgrid Applications
  2. Lifetime Estimation of DC-link Capacitors in Adjustable Speed Drives Under Grid Voltage
  3. Hybrid Electric Springs for Grid-tied Power Control and Storage Reduction in AC Microgrids.

41.A Model Predictive Current Controlled Bidirectional Three-level DCDC Converter for Hybrid Energy Storage System in DC Microgrids.

42.A   Novel   Forbidden-Region-Based  Stability  Criterion  in   Modified Sequence-Domain for AC GridConverter System

43.A Three-port Converter Based Distributed DC Gridconnected PV System with Autonomous Output Voltage-Sharing Control

  1. Resonant Point Analysis of Generalized CLLC-Type DC Transformer in the Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid
  2. Loadability Improvement of Unbalanced Hybrid AC-DC Microgrids Using a Supervisory Control Scheme for Interlinking Converters
  3. Arc analysis for the interlinking AC/DC buses in hybrid AC/DC building microgrids
  4. Power Converters for DC Microgrids – Modelling and Simulation Energy Management of Multiple Microgrids Based on a System of

Systems Architecture

  1. Microgrid Energy Management System for Reducing Required Power
  2. Compromised Controller Design for  Current  Sharing  and  Voltage Regulation in DC Microgrid
  3. Capacity optimization of   Distributed  Generation   for   Stand-alone Microgrid Considering Hybrid Energy Storage Systems
  4. Design and Optimization of a Solar Power Conversion System for Space Applications
  5. Fractional Order PI Control for a Three-Phase Microgrid Application An Efficient Fuzzy Logic Controlled-SMES for Isolated-Microgrid System Considering High Wind Power Penetration.

55.A Novel Control Scheme for Enhancing the Transient Performance of an Islanded Hybrid ACDC Microgrid


  1. Research on Electric Vehicle Charging Safety Warning Based on A- LSTM Algorithm
  2. Battery Degradation in Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles: A Survey Study
  3. Energy Recovery    and    Energy    Harvesting   in Electric and   FuelCell Vehicles, a Review of Recent Advances
  1. Energy Demand Load Forecasting for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Network Based on ConvLSTM and BiConvLSTM Architectures
  2. A Comprehensive Data Analysis of Electric Vehicle User BehaviorsToward Unlocking Vehicle-to-Grid Potential
  1. VCG-Based Auction      for       Incentivized       Energy       Tradingin Electric Vehicle Enabled Microgrids
  1. Neuro-Fuzzy and Networks-Based Data Driven Model for Multi-ChargingScenarios of Plug-in-Electric Vehicles
  1. A Dynamic Optimal Scheduling Strategy for Multi-Charging Scenarios ofPlug-in-Electric Vehicles Over a Smart Grid
  1. Energy Management    System    for    Hybrid    Renewable    Energy-

Based Electric Vehicle Charging Station

  1. Grid Impact of Frequency Regulation Provided by V2Gs Aggregated at HV, MV, and LV Level
  2. Optimal Speed    Controller                                Design      of               Commercial BLDC Motor  by Adaptive Tabu Search Algorithm
  3. Pulse Width Modulation Methods for Minimizing Commutation Torque Ripples in Low Inductance Brushless DC Motor Drives
  4. Investigation of Electric Vehicles Contributions in an Optimized Peer-to- Peer Energy Trading System
  5. An Improvement in Dynamic Behavior of Single Phase PM Brushless DC Motor Using Deep Neural Network and Mixture of Experts
  6. Designing an              On-board                Charger to                     Efficiently              ChargeMultiple Electric Vehicles
  1. Frequency Folding for LLC Resonant Converters in EV Charging
  2. Grid Impact Analysis and Mitigation of En-Route Charging Stations for Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicles
  3. Analysis and Design of Adaptive Cruise Control for Smart Electric Vehicle with Domain-Based Poly-Service Loop Delay.
  4. Dynamic Optical Wireless Power Transfer for Electric
  5. An Economical Solar Water Pump with Grid and Battery Backup for Continuous Operation.
  6. Frequency-Modulation-Based IPT With Magnetic Communication for EV Wireless Charging.
  7. Compact Integrated Transformer – Grid Inductor Structure for E-Capless Single-Stage EV
  8. Rotating Phase Shedding for Interleaved DC–DC Converter-Based EVs Fast DC Chargers

24.A Practical Data-Driven Battery State-of-Health Estimation for Electric Vehicles.

25.Deadline Differentiated Dynamic EV Charging Price Menu Design

26.Soft-Switching Operation With a Variable Switching Frequency Control

for Switched-Quasi-Z-Source Bidirectional DC–DC Converter in EVs

27.Distributed Coordination of Charging Stations Considering Aggregate EV Power Flexibility.

28.Mobility in the Smart Grid: Roaming Protocols for EV Charging.

29.Photovoltaic based Brushless DC Motor Using Cuckoo Algorithm as a Maximum Power Point Tracking

  1. Common Grounded Wide Voltage-Gain Range DC–DC Converter With Zero Input Current Ripple and Reduced Voltage Stresses for Fuel Cell Vehicles
  2. Performance Analysis of Brushless Direct Current Motor Drive for Different types of DC-DC Converter Using MPPT
  3. Modified PWM Technique for a Multi-Pulse Converter fed Multilevel Inverter Based IM Drive
  4. Model Predictive Speed Control of DC-DC Buck Converter Driven DC- motor with Various Load Torque Values

34.A bidirectional DC-DC converter fed separately excited DC motor electric vehicle application

  1. Elimination of Commutation Current Ripple in the BLDC Motor Based on DC-DC Converter using PR-Compensator
  2. Development and Comparison of Controllers Based On ANFIS for Speed Control of a DC Motor
  3. Hybrid back-to-back MMC system for variable speed AC machine drives Independent Drive of Multiple AC Motors Using Amplitude Modulation

39.A Quasi-Three-Level PWM Scheme to Combat Motor Overvoltage in SiC- Based Single-Phase Drives

40.A Novel AC/AC Modular Multilevel Converter for Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives

41.A 6-Wire 3-Phase Inverter Topology for Improved BLDC Performance and Harmonics

  1. Performance Improvement in BLDC Motor Drive Using Self-Tuning PID Controller
  2. Design and Simulation Analysis of Various Luo Converter Topologies fed BLDC Drive for Solar PV Applications
  3. Design and Control of a BLDC Motor drive using Hybrid Modeling Technique and FPGA based Hysteresis Current Controlle
  4. On the Influence of the Load Parasitics on the CM Conducted EMI of BLDC Motor Drives
  5. Fast Fault Diagnosis Method for Hall Sensors in Brushless DC Motor Drives
  6. Low Switching Frequency Model Predictive Control of Three-Level Inverter-Fed IM Drives with Speed Sensorless and Field-Weakening Operation
  7. Instantaneous Balancing of Neutral-Point Voltages for Stacked DC-Link Capacitors of a Multilevel Inverter for Dual-Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drives
  8. Load Cycle-Based Design Optimization of Induction Motor Drives for Highly Dynamic Applications
  9. Performance Comparison of Fault-Tolerant Three-Phase Induction Motor Drives Considering Current and Voltage Limits
  10. Speed Sensor less Model Predictive Control Based on Disturbance Observer for Induction Motor Drives
  11. Positive Current Reference Generation based Current Control Technique for BLDC Motor Drives Applications
  12. Solar Powered BLDC Motor Drive using CUK Converters for Water pumping
  13. Web Monitoring And Speed Control Of Solar Based Bldc Motor With Iot
  14. DTC based BLDC Motor Controlled Centrifugal Pump Fed by PI-BFO Tuning Strategy for Buck-Boost Converter in Solar PV Array Water Pumping System
  15. Design, Improvement & Analysis of Solar Based Three-Stage Interleaved Boost Converter for BLDC Motor