1. Renewable Energy and its prospects various RE sources.
  2. Introduction to Solar Energy
  • Solar Radiation, its importance, Differentiate solar PV and solar thermal energy.
  • Solar Resource Measurement, Instrumentation and its applications.
  1. Introduction of Photovoltaic Technology and its applications
  •  Basics of Light to Energy Conversion Brief History of Solar/PV cells.
  •  Physics of Energy Conversion in Solar Cell (Current and Voltage) Understanding basic terminologies of a PV cell.
  •  Solar Cells to Module, Module name plate specifications, Module to Array and Basic Structure of PV module.
  1. Classification of PV Modules based upon technology
  • Brief on PV Cell/Module manufacturing process.
  • STC and NOCT test conditions and Characterization of PV Modules.
  1. Factors affecting output of a PV module
  • Temperature Irradiance.
  • Tilt angle cell area.
  • shadowing dust.
  • Mismatch.
  • PV module configurations, MPPT operation etc.
  1. Applications of PV different configurations of PV power system

Stand alone, Grid , hybrid system etc.


Experiment No. 1

  • To demonstrate the I-V and PV characteristics of series and parallel combination of PV modules.

Experiment No. 2

  • To show the effect of variation in tilt angle on PV module power and demonstrate the effect of shading on module output power.

Experiment No.3

  • DC – DC Converter Design.
  • Inverter Design.

Special Applications:

  1. Solar panel specification study (25W, 12V)
  2. Basic solar charger implementation
  3. Basic led module implementation
  4. Solar Emergency Lamp implementation
  5. Solar battery bank implementation



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