Renewable energy generation systems under distributed generation frame emerges as a plausible solution for nowadays growing world energy demands. In this context multiphase wind generation systems are a feasible option that consist of renewable AC source that need efficient and totally controlled power conversion stages. In this work a novel active and reactive power control strategy based on two cascade control loops using a combination of classical PR controller and Model Based Predictive Voltage Control is proposed. Furthermore, the generator is a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator and the power stage is based on a multi-modular direct matrix converter topology providing interesting features to the scheme. The performance of the whole system is analysed regarding tracking of reference and THD with satisfying transient results and THD lower than 1.52 % in the injected current widely accomplishing with international standards. Active and Reactive Power Control based on Predictive Voltage Control in a Six-Phase Generation System using Modular Matrix Converters