Nowadays, an induction heating has been a popular heating technique and used in various applications such as melting, heat treating, preheating for welding, brazing, soldering, curing, sealing and shrink fitting. It is the fast, efficient, precise, repeatable and non-contact technique for heating metals or other electrically-conductive materials. This paper aims to present the induction heating to half bridge LLC resonant inverter application. The analysis contains six components: transformer, full bridge rectifier, half bridge inverter, resonant tank, high frequency transformer, and coil. Furthermore, a PLL controller is used in the system. Basically, an induction power is supplied to the induction heating system in which an alternating current of a converter is delivered to a work piece. The convertor is LLC that is used in this analysis for improving its resonant. The work piece is 20-cm length and 9-mm diameter with 5-turn coil. In addition, it is heated for 60 seconds with temperature at 352 degree Celsius. APPLICATION STUDY ON INDUCTION HEATING USING HALF BRIDGE LLC RESONANT INVERTER