BLDC Motor Driven Solar PV Array Fed Water Pumping System Employing luo Converter


This paper proposes a simple, cost effective and efficient brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive for solar photovoltaic (SPV) array fed water pumping system. A LUO converter is utilized in order to extract the maximum available power from the SPV array. The proposed control algorithm eliminates phase current sensors and adapts a fundamental frequency switching of the voltage source inverter (VSI), thus avoiding the power losses due to high frequency switching. No additional control or circuitry is used for speed control of the BLDC motor. The speed is controlled through a variable DC link voltage of VSI. An appropriate control of LUO converter through the incremental conductance maximum power point tracking (INC-MPPT) algorithm offers soft starting of the BLDC motor. The proposed water pumping system is designed and modeled such that the performance is not affected under dynamic conditions. The suitability of proposed system at practical operating conditions is demonstrated through simulation results using MATLAB/ Simulink followed by an experimental validation.


          Drastic reduction in the cost of power electronic devices and annihilation of the fossil fuels in near future invite to use the solar photovoltaic (SPV) generated electrical energy for various applications as far as possible. Water pumping, a standalone application of the SPV array generated electricity is receiving wide attention now a days for irrigation in the fields, household applications and industrial usage. Although the several researches have been carried out in the area of SPV array fed water pumping, combining various DC-DC converters and motor drives, the LUO converter in association with the permanent magnet brushless DC (BLDC) motor is still unexplored to develop such kind of system. However, the LUO converter has been used in some other SPV based applications.


          The PV inverters dedicated to the small PV plants must be characterized by a large range for the input voltage in order to accept different configurations of the PV field. This capability is assured by adopting inverters based on a double stage architecture where the first stage, which usually is a dc/dc converter, can be used to adapt the PV array voltage in order to meet the requirements of the dc/ac second stage, which is used to supply an ac load or to inject the produced power into the grid. This configuration is effective also in terms of controllability because the first stage can be devoted to track the maximum power from the PV array, while the second stage is used to produce ac current with low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).


·         There is no dynamic response.

·         High Total harmonic Distortion (THD).


          Proposed SPV array fed water pumping system with an incremental conductance (INC) MPPT algorithm is used to operate the LUO converter such that the SPV array always operates at its MPP and the BLDC motor experience a reduced current at the starting. A three phase voltage source inverter (VSI) is operated by fundamental frequency switching for the electronic commutation of BLDC motor. Simulation results using MATLAB/Simulink software is examined to demonstrate the starting, dynamics and steady state behavior of the proposed water pumping system subjected to the random variation in the solar irradiance. The SPV array is designed such that the proposed system always exhibits satisfactory performance regardless of the solar irradiance level or its variation.


·         Belonging to the family of buck-boost converters, the LUO converter can be operated either to increase or to decrease the output voltage.

·         The aforementioned property also facilitates the soft starting of the BLDC motor unlike a boost converter which habitually step-up the voltage level at its output, not ensuring the soft starting.

·         Unlike a simple buck-boost converter, the LUO converter has a continuous output current. The output inductor makes the current continuous and ripples free.

·         reduces the complexity and probability of slow down the system response


·          1.Household applications and industrial usage.

·         2.Solar photovoltaic (spv) generated electrical energy applications.



bldc motor control



Electromagnetic Induction Magnetic Coil

EEE principles Electromagnetic law.

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