This paper presents the project of a real-time low-cost monitoring system for the hybrid solar-wind electric power generation system, installed at the Fluminense Federal University. The objective of the system presented is to monitor the electrical magnitudes of the hybrid system, allowing the user to see in real time the operating status of the hybrid system, in order to obtain information on generation of the photovoltaic and wind system, as well as the consumption of the loads. Considering the low cost of implementing the monitoring system, we chose to use the free prototyping platform Arduino. The Arduino board collects the reading of the voltage and current sensors, processes and obtains power and energy generation information from each of the sources, as well as the battery and the loads connected to the hybrid system. Once the quantities to be monitored have been processed by the Arduino microcontroller, it sends them to the computer via a USB port and through the execution of a macro in Excel, the data is then imported into an spreadsheet. A small-scale model of the hybrid system was developed to establish a proof of concept of the proposed monitoring system DESIGN OF A REAL-TIME, LOW-COST MONITORING SYSTEM FOR HYBRID SOLAR-WIND POWER GENERATION SYSTEM