In this paper, a new device is proposed for a security of a two-wheeler from theft, special safety features have been built into automobiles for years, some of the safety of vehicles occupants only, and some for the safety of orders. One of the choices available is design and fabrication of digital locking for two wheelers. Two wheelers are easy to handle so even though they are locked with special safety arrangements, it can be easily collapsed and easily stolen, so in order to provide extra safety to the two wheelers, we have designed a system which is operated with the help of microcontroller circuit which controls the function of ignition and fuel supply through a security code which activates the function of the circuit  when the key is introduced, Here controller plays a vital role in controlling the overall system through the lock system is collapsed until the security code confirmation the ignition can’t be started and fuel system did get exist. This is the main advantage of this system and its one of the efficient and useful one to this modern environment.