Protection of an induction motor (IM) against possible problems, such as overvoltage, overload, over temperature, and under voltage, occurring in the course of its operation is very important, because it is used intensively in industry as an actuator. Induction motors can be protected using some components, such as timers, contactors, voltage, and current relays. This method is known as the classical method that is very basic and involves mechanical dynamic parts. Computer and programmable integrated circuit (PIC) based protection methods have eliminated most of the mechanical components. Vibration problems in induction motors can be extremely frustrating and may lead to greatly reduced reliability. It is imperative, in all operations and manufacturing processes that down time is avoided or minimized. If a problem does occur the source of the problem is quickly identified and corrected. With proper knowledge and diagnostic procedures, it is normally possible to quickly pinpoint the cause of the vibration.

In this project we are measuring the under and over voltage using voltage transformer, voltage transformer connected to ADC port in microcontroller. And current transformer used to measure the Over current / Over load and this also connected in ADC port of the microcontroller. NTC and Vibration sensor is also

connected in same ADC port. Microcontroller displays all the parameters in LCD display. If any mal values occurs microcontroller disconnects thee induction motor from the power supply automatically using relay bank.