Due to the inherent boosting capability within the inversion operation, the single-stage inverters are getting solid evolution in the current scenario of renewable energy generation. However, their boosting ability and overall dc-ac voltage gain are somehow limited by circuit element stresses and inferior performances at low modulation index. In order to address these issues, a single-phase hybrid switched-inductor (SL) / switched-capacitor (SC) quasi-switched boost reduced switch multilevel inverter is proposed. It is able to generate nominal ac voltage from low or variable renewable energy sources in a single-stage dc-ac conversion. Hence, the proposed work is aimed to achieve an enhanced performance of the single-stage inverter while attaining a larger voltage gain. Further, a generalized hybrid multi-cell based structure is realized and corresponding mathematical relations are derived. Both simulation and experimentation are done to validate the proposed theoretical analysis. Hybrid Multi-Cell Single-Stage Reduced Switch Multilevel Inverter