1. Leakage Current Suppression of Three-Phase Flying Capacitor PV Inverter with New Carrier Modulation and Logic Function.
  2. A Grid-Connected Single-Phase Transformer less Inverter Controlling Two Solar PV Arrays Operating Under Different Atmospheric Conditions
  3. Modified Single-Phase Single-Stage Grid-Tied Flying Inductor Inverter with MPPT and Suppressed Leakage Current.
  4. High-Efficiency Two-Stage Three-Level Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Inverter.
  5. H8 Inverter to Reduce Leakage Current in Transformer less Three-Phase Grid-Connected Photovoltaic systems
  6. Proposal of a Photovoltaic AC-Module With a Single Stage Transformer less Grid-Connected Boost Micro inverter Current.
  7. A Buck and Boost Based Grid Connected PV Inverter Maximizing Power Yield From Two PV Arrays in Mismatched Environmental Conditions.
  8. Integrated DC–DC Converter Based Grid-Connected Transformer less Photovoltaic Inverter With Extended Input Voltage Range.
  9. A New Soft-Switching Configuration and Its Application in Transformer less Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Inverters.
  10. A Transformer less Single-Phase Symmetrical Z Source HERIC Inverter with Reduced Leakage Currents for PV Systems.
  11. An Improved H5 Topology with Low Common- Mode Current for Transformer less PV Grid-Connected Inverter.
  12. An Improved Hybrid Modulation Method for the Single-Phase H6 Inverter With Reactive Power Compensation.
  13. A Three-Phase Grid-Connected Microinverter for ACPhotovoltaic Module Applications.
  14. Novel Control Method for MultimodulePVMicroinverter With Multiple Functions.


  1. Analysis of a High-Power, Resonant DC–DC Converter for DC Wind Turbines
  2. Low Dissipative Snubber Using Flyback-Type Transformer for Wind Turbine Systems
  3. A Novel Design of PI Current Controller for PMSG-Based Wind Turbine Considering Transient Performance Specifications and Control Saturation
  4. A Hybrid Resonant ZVZCS Three-Level Converter for MVDCConnected Offshore Wind Power Collection Systems


  1. Soft-switched Non-Isolated High Step-up Three-port DC-DC converter for Hybrid Energy Systems
  2. Design and Control of Autonomous Wind–Solar System With DFIG Feeding 3-Phase 4-Wire Loads
  3. Stability Improvement of a Multimachine Power System Connected With a Large-Scale Hybrid Wind-Photovoltaic Farm Using a Supercapacitor
  4. 4 Hybrid Energy Storage System Microgrids Integration for Power Quality Improvement Using Four-Leg Three-Level NPC Inverter and Second-Order Sliding Mode Control
  5. Efficiency Improvement of Three Port High Frequency Transformer Isolated Triple Active Bridge Converter
  6. Frequency Division Based Coordinated Control of Three-Port Converter Interfaced Hybrid Energy Storage Systems in Autonomous DC Microgrids
  7. Partially-Isolated Single-Magnetic Multi-Port Converter Based on Integration of Series-Resonant Converter and Bidirectional PWM Converter
  8. Fuzzy Logic-Based Energy Management System Design for Residential GridConnected Microgrids
  9. Isolated Single Stage Bidirectional AC-DC converter with power decoupling and reactive power control to interface battery with the single phase grid
  10. A Uniform Control Strategy for the Interlinking Converter in Hierarchical Controlled Hybrid AC/DC Microgrids
  11. Supervisory Power Quality Control Scheme for a Grid-Off Microgrid
  12. A Battery/Ultracapacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System for Implementing the Power Management of Virtual Synchronous Generators
  13. Instantaneous Symmetrical Component Theory based Parallel Grid Side Converter Control Strategy for Microgrid Power Management
  14. Supervisory Control for Power Management of an Islanded AC Microgrid Using Frequency Signalling-Based Fuzzy Logic Controller.


  1. A Single-Phase Single-Stage Switched-Boost Inverter With Four Switches.
  2. Decentralized Control for Fully Modular Input-Series OutputParallel (ISOP) Inverter System Based on the Active Power Inverse-Droop Method
  3. Buck–Boost Dual-Leg-Integrated Step-Up Inverter With Low THD and Single Variable Control for Single-Phase HighFrequency AC Microgrids
  4. Performance Evaluation of the Single-Phase Split-Source Inverter Using an Alternative DC–AC Configuration
  5. Multistage and Multilevel Power Electronic Converter-Based 2018 Power Supply for Plasma DBD Devices
  6. A Single-Phase Asymmetrical T-Type Five-Level Transformerless PV Inverter
  7. An Isolated Multi-Input ZCS DC–DC Front-End-Converter Based Multilevel Inverter for the Integration of Renewable Energy Sources
  8. A 5-level High Efficiency Low Cost Hybrid Neutral Point Clamped Transformerless Inverter for Grid Connected Photovoltaic Application.
  9. A Novel Step-Up Single Source Multilevel Inverter: Topology, Operating Principle and Modulation
  10. A Switched-Capacitor-Based Multilevel Inverter Topology WithReduced Components
  11. Multi-Input Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter for High-Frequency AC Power Distribution


  1. A New Controller for Bidirectional Wireless Power Transfer Systems
  2. Implementation of the Constant Current and Constant Voltage Charge of Inductive Power Transfer Systems with the DoubleSided LCC Compensation Topology for Electric Vehicle Battery Charge Applications
  3. High Power Density Z-Source Resonant Wireless Charger with Line Frequency Sinusoidal Charging
  4. Single-Stage Wireless-Power-Transfer Resonant Converter With Boost Bridgeless Power-Factor-Correction Rectifier



  1. Quasi-Z-Source Indirect Matrix Converter Fed Induction Motor Drive for Flow Control of Dye in Paper Mill
  2. BLDC Motor Drive Based on Bridgeless Landsman PFC Converter With Single Sensor and Reduced Stress on Power Devices
  3. DC-Link Capacitor-Current Ripple Reduction in DPWM-Based Back-to-Back Converters
  4. Power Factor Correction in Modified SEPIC Converter fed Switched Reluctance Motor Drive
  5. A Single-Stage Sensorless Control of a PV based Bore-Well Submersible BLDC Motor
  6. Improved Finite Control-Set Model-Based Direct Power Control of BLDC Motor with Reduced Torque Ripple
  7. High-Precision Sensorless Drive for High-Speed BLDC Motors Based on the Virtual Third Harmonic Back-EMF
  8. Commutation Torque Ripple Reduction in the BLDC Motor Using Modified 7 Modeling, Design, Control, and Implementation of a Modified Z-Source Integrated PV/Grid/EV DC Charger/Inverter


  1. Improved Modulation Strategy Using Dual Phase Shift Modulation for Active Commutated Current-Fed Dual Active Bridge
  2. A Switched-CapacitorBidirectional DC-DC Converterwith Wide Voltage GainRange for Electric Vehicleswith Hybrid Energy Sources
  3. A Common Ground Switched-Quasi-Z-Source Bidirectional DC– DC Converter With Wide-Voltage-Gain Range for EVs With Hybrid Energy Sources
  4. A Quadruple Active Bridge Converter for the Storage Integration on the More Electric Aircraft


  1. Nonisolated Harmonics-Boosted Resonant DC/DC Converter With HighStep-Up Gain
  2. Modified High-Efficiency LLC Converters With Two Split Resonant Branches for Wide Input-Voltage Range Applications
  3. A Voltage Quadrupler Rectifier Based Pulse–Width–Modulated LLC Converter with Wide Output Range
  4. Dynamic Modeling and Controller Design of Dual-Mode Cuk Inverter in Grid-Connected PV/TE Applications
  5. Improved Power Quality Switched Inductor Cuk Converter for Battery Charging Application
  6. Isolated Bidirectional DC–DC Converter with Quasi-Resonant Zero-Voltage Switching for Battery Charge Equalization
  7. Photovoltaic AC Module Based on a Cuk Converter with a SwitchedInductor Structure


  1. Improvement of Power-Conversion Efficiency of AC–DC Boost Converter Using 1:1 Transformer
  2. High Step-Up DC–DC Converter with Active Soft-Switching and Voltage-Clamping for Renewable Energy Systems
  3. High-Efficiency High Step-Up DC–DC Converter With Dual Coupled Inductors for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems
  4. High Step-Up Resonant DC–DC Converter With Ripple-Free Input Current for Renewable Energy Systems
  5. Analysis and Design of High-Efficiency Hybrid High Step-Up DC-DC Converter for Distributed PV Generation Systems
  6. Voltage-Lift Technique Based Non isolated Boost DC–DC Converter: Analysis and Design
  7. High Step-Up Coupled-Inductor Cascade Boost DC–DC Converter With Lossless Passive Snubber
  8. Synthesis and Comparative Analysis of Very High Step-Up DC– DC Converters Adopting Coupled-Inductor and Voltage Multiplier Cells
  9. A Three-Winding Coupled-Inductor DC–DC Converter Topology With High Voltage Gain and Reduced Switch Stress


  1. Interleaved-Input Series-Output Ultra High Voltage Gain DC-DC Converter
  2. Advanced Digital Controller for Improving Input Current Quality of Integrated Active Virtual Ground-Bridgeless PFC
  3. Multitrack Power Factor Correction Architecture
  4. Family of ZVT Interleaved Converters With Low Number of Components
  5. Combined Multilevel and Two-Phase Interleaved LLC Converter With Enhanced Power Processing Characteristics and Natural Current Sharing
  6. Interleaved Current-Driven Phase-Shift Full-Bridge Converter With Magnetic Integration and Voltage Doubler Rectifiers
  7. New Bridgeless Buck PFC Converter with Improved Input Current and Power Factor
  8. A Wide-Input-Range High-Efficiency Step-down Power Factor Correction Converter Using Variable Frequency Multiplier Technique



  1. Zero-Voltage and Zero-Current Switching PWM DC–DC Converter Using Controlled Secondary Rectifier With One Active Switch and Non dissipative Turn-Off Snubbers
  2. Hybrid Control of Single-Inductor Multiple-Output Converters
  3. Analysis and Design of an Input-Series Two-Transistor Forward Converter For High-Input Voltage Multiple-Output Applications
  4. An Independently Controlled Single-PWM Multiple-Output Narrow-Band Resonant Converter
  5. A Hybrid Resonant ZCS PWM Converter for Renewable Energy Sources Connecting to MVDC Collection System
  6. A New ZVS Full-Bridge DC–DC Converter for Battery Charging With Reduced Losses Over Full-Load Range


  1. Isolated SEPIC DC–DC Converter With Ripple-Free Input Current and Lossless Snubber
  2. A High Performance Impedance-Source Converter with Switched Inductor
  3. High Step-Up Quasi-Z Source DC-DC Converter
  4. Study on A High Voltage Gain SEPIC-Based DC-DC Converter with Continuous Input Current for Sustainable Energy Applications
  5. Single-Phase Hybrid Switched-Capacitor Voltage-Doubler SEPIC PFC Rectifiers
  6. Hybrid Switched-Capacitor/Switched-Quasi-Z-Source Bidirectional DC-DC Converter With Wide-Voltage-Gain Range for Hybrid Energy Sources EVs



  1. An AC–DC LED Driver with an Additional Active Rectifier and a Unidirectional Auxiliary Circuit for AC Power Ripple Isolation
  2. Loss Analysis for Efficiency Improvement of the Integrated Buck-Flyback LED Driver
  3. A PFC Single-Coupled-Inductor Multiple-Output LED Driver without Electrolytic Capacitor
  4. A Single-Stage Integrated Boost-LLC AC-DC Converter with Quasi-Constant Bus Voltage for Multi-channel LED StreetLighting Applications


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