In this project, we will make IoT IR Based Bidirectional Visitor Counter using NodeMCU ESPP8266 & Ubidots MQTT. You can use this project for monitoring the total number of incoming, outgoing, and current visitors online from any part of the world using Ubidots Dashboard. To count the incoming and outcoming visitors, it is better to use an Infrared or IR Sensor. The Visitors data uploads automatically to Ubidots cloud using the NodeMCU ESP8266 WiFi Module.

You can use this NodeMCU Bidirectional Visitor counter in the hall, Shopping mall, office, functions in the entrance gate to count the total number of visitors. The device counts the total number of people entering through the gate & also counts the total number of people leaving through the different gates. And finally, it calculates the total number of current people by subtracting the outgoing visitor from the incoming visitor. When even a single person is found inside the room, the light turns on automatically. When no people are present in the room, the light turns off automatically.