This paper presents a speed controller using a fuzzy-logic controller (FLC) for indirect field oriented control (IFOC) of induction motor (IM) drives fed by a four-switch three-phase (FSTP) inverter. In the proposed approach, the IM drive system is fed by FSTP inverter instead of the traditional six-switch three-phase (SSTP) inverter for a cost-effective low power applications. The proposed FLC improves dynamic responses and, it is also designed with reduced computation burden. The complete IFOC scheme incorporating the FLC for IM drives fed by the proposed FSTP inverter is built in Matlab/Simulink and, it is also experimentally implemented in real-time using a DSP-DS1103 control board for a prototype 1.1 kW IM. The dynamic performance, robustness, and insensitivity of the proposed FLC with FSTP inverter fed IM drive is examined and compared to a traditional PI controller under speed tracking, load disturbances, and parameters variation, particularly at low speeds. It is found that the proposed FLC is more robust than the PI controller under load disturbances, and parameters variation. Moreover, the proposed FSTP IM drive is comparable with a traditional SSTP IM drive, considering its good dynamic performance, cost reduction and low THD.  A PERFORMANCE INVESTIGATION OF A FOUR-SWITCH THREE-PHASE INVERTER-FED IM DRIVES AT LOW SPEEDS USING FUZZY LOGIC AND PI CONTROLLERS