The paper describes a power management strategy of a standalone hybrid wind small gas turbine electrolyze power system to supply a remote village with electricity. The electrical system consists of a variable speed wind turbine coupled to a permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) through a gear box, a diode bridge rectifier, a dc-to-dc boost converter and a current controlled voltage source inverter. The wind energy system is considered as the main power source. Output power from PMSG is first converted to DC, `boosted’, inverted then it is fed to the grid. The maximum power is always assured thanks to the P&O MPPT algorithm. The electrolyze system is a backup source where the excess of electrical power is stored. However, when wind speeds fall below the minimum required a gas turbine system is activated to immediately produce the desired electricity. The proposed power management algorithm of the whole hybrid system is simulated by using MATLAB/SIMULINK┬« for various wind velocities. The simulation results obtained showed that the load demand is satisfied although wind speeds fall below the minimum required. POWER MANAGEMENT OF A HYBRID WIND GAS ELECTROLYZE MICRO GRID