In this paper, a DC-DC multi-port converter is introduced by integrating a super-lift and a buck converter (SLBC). The proposed single-input dual-output (SIDO) converter has conventional positive output voltage super-lift advantages while simultaneously generating a step-up voltage by Luo-converter and a step-down voltage by the buck converter. In this structure, without utilizing electromagnetic components to generate a dual output, the ripple in output voltages is kept low. Meanwhile, the introduced SLBC has a simple structure and an appropriate control method providing a wide range of output voltages. Besides, to illustrate the advantages of the proposed SIDO converter, a comparison with other similar configurations is carried out. Also, simulation and experiment results indicate a considerable reduction in conduction losses compared to other SIDO converters in the same situations. The operation accuracy of SLBC is validated by performing several simulations in PSCAD/EMTDC software and testing a 150W prototype in the laboratory. Developing a super-lift luo-converter with integration of buck converters for electric vehicle applications