Multiport converters used for renewable energy applications reduce the stages of power flow and thereby increase the efficiency of the power conversion. In this paper, a new four port DC-DC converter is proposed for integrating PV array, DC load, battery storage system and high voltage port. There are two bidirectional ports, a high voltage gain port which is connected to AC grid through a VSC and a low voltage gain port connected to battery energy storage. The converter is derived, designed, modelled and simulated for a base transceiver station load. Moreover, a time shared control scheme for the four port converter is presented which is able to perform the power flow management during the dynamic conditions. The port with PV energy source is controlled for extracting maximum power from the PV array. The DC bus voltage, where the DC load of the base transceiver station is connected, is regulated to the desired magnitude. The power flow to grid and the BES are controlled as per the power management conditions. The performance of the four port converter along with control is verified by extensive simulation study using MATLAB with its SimPowerSystem tool boxes to substantiate the theoretical analysis. Time Sharing Control Based New Four Port Converter for Grid Integrated Solar PV Fed BTS Load