In this paper the Z-source converter is introduced to power factor correction (PFC) applications. The concept is demonstrated through a wireless power transfer (WPT) system for electric vehicle battery charging, namely Z-source resonant converter (ZSRC). Due to the Z-source network (ZSN), the ZSRC inherently performs PFC and regulate the system output voltage simultaneously, without adding extra semiconductor devices and control circuitry to the conventional WPT system such as conventional PFC converters do. In other words, the ZSN can be categorized as a family of the single stage PFC converters. In addition, the ZSN is suitable for high power applications since it is immune to shoot-through states, which increases reliability and adds a boost feature to the system. The ZSRC-based WPT system operating principle is described and analyzed in this paper. Simulations, and experimental results based on a 1-kW prototype with 20-cm air gap between the system primary and secondary side are presented to validate the analysis, and demonstrate the effectiveness of the ZSN in the PFC of the WPT system. Z-Source Resonant Converter with Power Factor Correction for Wireless Power Transfer Applications