Hacksaw  machine and to automate and to modify the conventional power hacksaw machine in order to achieve high productivity of work-pieces than the power hacksaw machine using scotch yoke mechanism. The operator need not measure the length of the work-piece Objective of the project is to fabricate a motorized high speed 4-way that is to be cut and to load and unload the work-piece from the vice each time after a piece has been cut. This machine is built with the 4 hacksaw machines such that tall the machines are operated simultaneously with the help of a motor and scotch yoke mechanism.

The hacksaw is a metal cutting machine tool designed to cut multiple metals simultaneously by applying scotch yoke mechanism. The machine is exclusively intended for mass production and they represent the faster and more efficient way to cut a metal. Hacksaws are used to cut thin and soft metals. The operation of the unit is simplified to a few simple operations involving a motor and a scotch yoke mechanism. There are numerous types of cutting machines in Engineering field, which are used to fulfill the requirements. We are interested to introduce multiple hacksaw cutting operation in Hacksaw machine.