This paper describes the solution for monitoring and control of power electronics devices in telecommunication facilities. Centralized monitoring of the power supply system enables monitoring of the operation of all devices in the system, using the same user application. In addition to monitoring of individual devices’ operation, the operation of passive elements, which together with the power electronics devices constitute the power system, is also monitored. With the implementation of derived alarms, such as organized, centralized monitoring increases the reliability of the power electronics system and enables the responsible sector to prevent interruptions in the operation of telecommunication equipment by preventive maintenance. Managing power electronics devices represents switching on or switching off of monitored devices or modules, starting a capacitive test, and adjusting the operating parameters of the power supply device from the remote monitoring center. It is estimated that with such organized remote monitoring, the total costs of installation and maintenance of the power system can be reduced by 16%. The cost resulting from the interruption of telecommunication traffic as well as the cost of termination of the services due to the unreliable operation of the telecommunication system is not included in the savings’ calculation. CENTRALIZED MONITORING OF THE POWER ELECTRONICS DEVICES