The applications of DC-DC Converters in the field of electrical and electronics domain is increasing day-by-day. It has applications on areas such as energy storage based charging circuitry, distributed power generating stations, power supplies and so on. As a result, the enhancement of existing technologies for better performance, response, stability and control capabilities is mandatory. Moreover, converters at higher frequencies are used on large scale as it makes the system less bulky and thus improves the power density. Resonance is another feature which enhance the system performance by reducing the switching losses. With the increasing inclination towards Electric vehicle, it is appropriate to take up an elaborate review to understand and summarize on the various isolated topologies and the commonly utilized resonant switching configurations for better converter design and development. The paper presents a detailed study on the current isolated resonant topologies used in vehicular applications. The review mainly focuses on series resonant converter and LLC resonant converters, as it is the commonly used topologies. An Overview on Single/Multi Output Isolated Resonant Converter Topologies for Vehicular applications