Nowadays the usage of vehicles has become a important need for transporting our source to destination. The use of fuel bikes like diesel and petrol engines are more but the cost of the fuel for the bike engines are expensive in recent days. Today the rate of petrol per liter is too expensive.

           To eliminate this e-bikes are introduced which are chargable. But the electric charges for e-bikes are high and not easy to take it for long drive. To avoid this problem we have new technique and easy solution to generate and reuse the energy in e-bikes. The electricity is generated by dynamo which is coupled to the same shaft of the motor. This process is called re-generatable and re-use.

           There will be growing demand for Electric Bikes in India as it has less air pollution, lower maintenance cost and reduced noise using Electric-Bikes. The frame is strengthened in the improved design at the critical locations. Vibrational characteristics are studied by carrying out the modal analysis with specific emphasis on handle bar modes , battery box and motor dynamo  modes.

                  In design improvement , free energy electric bike consists of  two electrical rechargeable batteries are connected in series to provide the required charge for motor .The motor is directly coupled to dynamo through the shaft consists of gear mechanism .The power generated  by the dynamo is stored in same battery .The speed control  of motor is done by  controller box.