This project is to design an electronic mailbox system with Password protection capabilities for accessing the mailbox. The mailbox owner will be notified via SMS alert whenever a new mail arrives. In addition, the owner can also view images of the new mails and time stamp information through a web browser. This mailbox system is targeted towards university dormitories and P.O boxes in which the owners of the mailbox are physically located far away from their mailboxes. The sensors which are triggered by incoming mails will allow the microcontroller to send a text only SMS notification to the corresponding mailbox owner. All of this information will be available to the mailbox owner via the SMS. When the mailbox owners arrive at their mailbox, they will enter their Password in order to authenticate access to the mailbox. If the correct owner is verified, the door will automatically open using a DC motor. Once the owner retrieves the mails, the reset routine will take place . In addition, when there is a package, the mail room attendant will press the “package button” which will send a “package arrived” notification to the recipient. The  administrator will have the ability to add, modify and remove the mailbox owner accounts from the system.