LLC resonant converter would have light-load voltage regulation problems due to the effect of parasitic capacitances in high frequency range. In this paper, an energy feedback control method is proposed to improve the light-load regulation capacity by using synchronous rectifiers (SRs). The SR bridges are controlled ahead of the primary inverter bridges to deliver the energy from load to source, reducing the output voltage independent of the load. Then the desired voltage can be achieved even in no load conditions by regulating the operation time of the energy feedback mode. The gain, voltage ripple and efficiency performances of the proposed control method are discussed based on the precise analysis and accurate model of the converter. Moreover, the light-load operations of the LLC resonant converter are analyzed deriving the critical load condition. Finally, the proposed control method is verified by the experiments of a 12V/8A LLC resonant converter prototype. ENERGY FEEDBACK CONTROL OF LIGHT-LOAD VOLTAGE REGULATION FOR LLC RESONANT CONVERTER