This paper presents a highly efficient asymmetrical pulse-width modulated (APWM) full-bridge converter for renewable energy sources. The proposed converter adopts full-bridge topology and asymmetric control scheme to achieve the zero-voltage switching (ZVS) turn-on of the power switches of the primary side and to reduce the circulating current loss. Moreover, the resonant circuit composed of the leakage inductance of the transformer and the blocking capacitor provides the zero-current switching (ZCS) turn-off for the output diode without the help of any auxiliary circuits. Thus, the reverse recovery problem of the output diode is eliminated. In addition, voltage stresses of the power switches are clamped to the input voltage. Due to these characteristics, the proposed converter has the structure to minimize power losses. It is especially beneficial to the renewable energy conversion systems. To confirm the theoretical analysis and validity of the proposed converter, a 400W prototype is implemented with the input voltage range from 40V to 80V. HIGHLY EFFICIENT ASYMMETRICAL PWM FULL-BRIDGE CONVERTER FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES