Westernization of today’s society has led to the increase in the number of small families while the gradual spread of living into the suburban areas has raised a significant concern in the security of the individuals. Although there are many security systems available in the market today, they are mostly expensive. The objective of the model described in this paper is to present a simple and low-cost design to make our homes smarter and safer. The Raspberry pi based framework built in this project comprises of PIR sensor, IR sensor, Piezoelectric sensor and Sound sensor which not only alerts an intruder action but also captures the images and recordings through a camera from the scene. An intrusion can be identified with the help of the above mentioned sensors that can detect the presence of a person, temperature variations and sound at the location. In case of a deviant output from the above measurements, the owner of the house is immediately alerted through IoT. The rightful person receives a message on his phone immediately followed by images of the person causing the sceptical situation along with a captured video that gives a detailed picture of the happenings and will also serve as an evidence for further investigations.