The presented work in this paper deals with various step sizes used in incremental conductance (INC) related to the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technique. In the solar photovoltaic system, the variable step size selection method for INC is proposed and compared. The MATLAB/Simulink and hardware setup are used for assessing and analyzing step size methods. The variable step size (DVS), fixed step size (DFS) are comprehensively studied and compared. This DVS method is having a lower ON delay time TdON  as 148 msec as regard to 164 msec in the DFS method. On the other hand, the lowest peak-peak oscillations in load current as 0.04 amp for DVS as compared to 0.5A for the DFS method, lower peak current as 1.96A for DVS as compare to 2.37A for the DFS method. In this way, the performance of the DVS method is found superior as it is analyzed and compared with the DFS algorithm Effect of Various Incremental Conductance MPPT Methods on the Charging of Battery Load Feed by Solar Panel