This article proposes a novel control scheme for efficient control of solar photovoltaic (SPV), wind energy system (WES) and battery energy storage system (BESS) based micro-grid. Using this control scheme the voltage in the main DC bus is kept constant irrespective of the load or weather condition. When power requirement at load side is less than the energy produced by both SPV and WES combined, the batteries are charged and in case of any imbalance or excess energy required in case of peak load conditions the BESS provides the remaining energy. The dc voltage thus obtained is converted into ac voltage by using a three-phase inverter, which is operated with sinusoidal pulse width modulation (PWM) technique. The system is designed and tested in MATLAB-SIMULINK and simulated results are demonstrated to validate the concept and design. On account of simulation results, it has been established that the performance of the controllers is quite satisfactory in both transient and steady states. INTELLIGENT CONTROL SCHEME FOR SPV-WIND-BESS BASED MICRO GRID