DC to DC converters are for generally used for intermediate power conversion processes in switched mode power supplies, battery chargers, electric vehicles, solar and wind power plants etc. The quality of current is a general issue when step-up converters are employed for power conversions. Cuk converter with inductors on both input and output sides reduces ripple on currents and improves the quality of source current. A Traditional Cuk Converter (TCC) is simulated and validated experimentally. But sharing of currents in inductors reduces ripples on source current further and also reduces peak current of the switch, improve the quality of input power of converters. Hence an Interleaved Cuk Converter (ICC) is proposed in this paper to share the source current in input inductors and to trim down the switch peak current hence to shrink ripples on source current. A Phase Shifted PWM (PSPWM) scheme is used in ICC and the switches are operated below 50% duty ratio to cancel the ripples on source and output sides. From the simulation and experimental results of TCC and ICC, it is observed that ICC reduces peak current of the switch, hence device rating and also delivers output power with better efficiency & improved transient performance. A modification on proposed ICC also provides boost operation with reduction in peak current of the switch. INTERLEAVED CUK CONVERTER WITH REDUCED SWITCH CURRENT