In our country, agriculture has been the primary occupation for ages. Lack of technological advancement in farming is being primary obstacle from past years. One of the solutions to this problem is smart farming using IOT. Modernization in the field of agriculture has become the necessity to cope up with demands. In this paper, we have presented an IOT based farming website and proposed a circuit which will provide accurate data to the farmers of various parameters like percentage of Macronutrients in the soil. Our website also represents data of past year’s crop produced and their demand in market, having insight to all these information farmers can easily decide which crop is best for cultivation in their fields as per their demand, price value and nutrients level present in soil. In this paper we have also proposed a circuit which consist of Soil moisture sensor, Opto-electronic sensors (TCS3200), Temperature sensor (LM35), GPS Module, ESP8266 (Wi-Fi Module), Arduino Mega2560. All these data are collected from two sources either from official websites of Government of India or from our proposed circuit.