In this project, the human work is made simple and is very helpful for those who don’t have time and need a labour to look after their greenhouse. The other main objective of the project is to bring agriculture possible irrespective of any seasonal change since it is very mandatory for any living being to survive. For any application in the industries there are many parameters to be handled, likewise even in greenhouse many parameters should be monitored regularly. Thus this project helps to those who like to build their own greenhouse but don’t have time to look after it regularly and here in my project the greenhouse is built using glass and it can be placed in any place. The power is supplied to the loads from solar panel along with the battery and an inverter. This application is used to save the power, water usage, human work etc., in the greenhouse based on sensors. Here I have used a number of sensors and motors in order to make the greenhouse fully automated and that is going to be a SMART one for future agriculture. The temperature of both the inside and outside of the greenhouse is measured using a temperature sensor. A soil moisture sensor to check whether the plant is in need of water or not. LED is used in order to sense the light and the tube light is switched accordingly. The ultrasonic sensor is used to calculate the plant’s height and how far it has evolved, as well as to perform other tasks such as water level-based automatic switching of the motor pump that supplies water to the greenhouse. DHT11 is used to keep track of the values. A PIR sensor is used to detect human activity, and the information is sent to the web page. All the outputs of sensors are sent to the controller which here used is a Node MCU, and based on that certain loads are activated through relay driver. Here IoT is used such that the values of certain parameters are made to display in a webpage. In order to make some things easier it is designed in such a way that the green house.