This letter proposes a novel wireless power transfer (WPT) system with repeater coils for multiple loads. Every two repeater coils form a repeater unit where one is used to receive power from its preceding unit and the other transmits power to the subsequent unit. Each load is connected to a repeater unit and multiple loads can be powered with several repeater units. The two coils in the same repeater unit are both bipolar ones, which are placed perpendicularly so that the magnetic coupling between them can be eliminated. In order to obtain independent power control of all the loads, the series-parallel-series (SPS) compensation method is adopted for each repeater unit. With a proper resonant condition proposed in this paper, the constant load current can be obtained for all the loads when neglecting the coils’ parasitic resistances. An experimental setup has be constructed and the effectiveness of the proposed multi-load WPT system is validated by the experimental  A Multi-load Wireless Power Transfer System with Series-parallel-series (SPS) Compensation