Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is being grown up at enormous speed. NFC technology provides the fastest way communicate two devices with in a fraction of second. This technology has only been implemented on smart phones so far. Like Bluetooth it works only in short range and data transfer takes place at very low speed. Several security issues are attached with NFC, which is a big concern. Security attacks liked at a corruption and modification, interference attacks and theft, are the most dangerous for the customer who is using his/her smart phone for payment purpose. Near Field Communication (NFC) is an emerging wireless technology that is designed to facilitate secure, short -range communication between electronic devices such as mobile phones, personal data assistants (PDAs),computers and payment terminals. The concept is simple: in order to make two devices communicate, bring them together or make them touch. NFC is one of the most exciting Technologies that  revolutionize the working practices by increasing efficiency. It is often presented as replacement for barcode, but the technology has much greater potential such as individual serial numbers for each item and possibility to read these numbers at some distance. NFC is a technology being adopted in security field, business fields and in the medical field. This work has the objective to present a system for security based on NFC technology. The proposed system used contactless smart card to limit the entries of unwanted persons. Contactless smart cared has information stored in it which when come in the field of NFC reader it immediately read the information stored in card.