In this paper a non isolated, non inverting, single switch, high gain modified SEPIC with voltage multiplier dc-to-dc converter is proposed. The proposed circuit is a combination of modified version of conventional SEPIC converter and voltage multiplier unit. The voltage gain of proposed converter is increases to n time of (1/ (1-D) by extending the voltage multiplier unit by n time. The advantage of proposed topology is reduced voltage stress across switching device, which results into better efficiency and voltage gain is increased without disturbing the main circuit. In this paper, the detail operation of proposed converter with mathematical analysis is done. The proposed converter is simulated in MatLab R2016a for three level with 120W power. The mathematical analysis and simulation results validates the functionality of proposed converter. A NOVEL MULTILEVEL HIGH GAIN MODIFIED SEPIC DC-TO-DC CONVERTER FOR HIGH VOLTAGE/LOW CURRENT RENEWABLE ENERGY APPLICATIONS