The application of Cascaded Multilevel Converters (CMC) in large-scale photovoltaic plants connected to the utility grid has many advantages, such as the absence of sinusoidal filters and line-frequency transformers. Improved overall performance under partial shading conditions is possible due to the distribution of arrays among a large number of maximum power point trackers. In this situation, although the cells operate at different power levels, the three-phase currents injected into the point of common coupling must be balanced. A suitable control technique is required to achieve this goal. This paper presents a complete algorithm to handle three-phase power balance and single-phase power harvesting simultaneously. Simulation results assuming a medium-voltage system connected to a typical utility-grid illustrate the dynamic and steady-state performance capability of the proposed strategy. Experimental results from a low-voltage, solid state transformer-based, three-cell prototype are also included. OPERATION OF A GRID-TIED CMC BASED ON A SIC FORWARD SST UNDER UNBALANCED PV POWER GENERATION