BMP180 Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor Board Module

Brand NamePrime Robotics
Number of Items1
Part NumberPR-BMP180


  • BMP180 digital barometric high precision pressure sensor board module the bmp180 is a high-precision pressure sensors, small size, low power consumption, and can be used on mobile devices
  • Pressure range: 300~1100hpa (elevation 9000 m ~-500 m) power supply voltage: 18v~36v (vdda), 162v~36v (vddd) lcc8 package: Lead-free ceramic carrier package (lcc) size: 36mmx38x093mm
  • Low power consumption: 5 µa, in standard mode its excellent performance and lowest absolute precision can reach 003hpa, and extremely low power consumption, only 3 µa
  • Bmp180 hosts using powerful 8-pin ceramic leadless chip (lcc) ultra thin package, you can via the i2c bus directly connected to the microprocessor