In India for past few days, there have been several accidents of children falling into abandoned borewells which is left uncovered and get trapped. Abandoned borewells seems to be death pits for children. These borewells in turn have started to take many innocent lives. In these cases normal operation of child rescue is done by using big machines with large manpower involvement. The rescue process to save the child from bore well is a very long and complicated process. It is time taking process and also risky in various ways. So the aim of the project is to prevent the Children from falling in ton the Borewell. Our Paper implies a new design which has a sensor kept at top of borewell hole which helps to sense the child if he fell inside. If the system senses the child the automatic horizontal closure kept at around five feet depth closes and prevents the children from falling beneath it. It is easy to rescue the child from five feet than five hundred feet. This system also alerts by giving siren and messages to rescue team and concern officials with location. Hence this system will help to prevent children from falling in borewell and get trapped.