Checking, assortment and removal of trash squander is considered as one of the main points of contention in the evolving modern society since its lack of maintenance will leverage negative ecological effects. A dreary technique is the traditional method used for physically controlling and gathering the waste, since it requires a critical human work and assets, which adds greater expenses. An IoT-based trash checking system utilizing Arduino or Raspberry pi board and an open IoT stage is presented in this report. The proposed framework includes an Arduino microcontroller, ultrasonic sensor, Wi-Fi module and a heap battery. Information from the ultrasonic sensor and burden cell is obtained by using the Arduino microcontroller. By utilizing an ultrasonic sensor, the profundity of the trash in the compartment is resolved and the heaviness of the waste receptacle from the heap cell is also estimated. For indicating the information, the LCD screen is utilized. The Wi-Fi module sends to the web the information portrayed previously. Thingspeak and an open IoT discussion is utilized to follow the trash framework. In this framework, the executive can adequately track and plan the waste disposal. In this research work, a model was fabricated and assessed.