The main objective of this investigation is to design patient health monitoring system and to focus on the nature of the transmission. The wireless sensor network tracks patient health parameters and communicates via the GPRS interface to the far end. For those patients who are not in the life-threatening condition, but need to be constantly observed.. The study will produce an alarming note and give it to the doctor when the critical condition occurs. The purpose of this research is to develop a series of modules that can promote the diagnosis of physicians via patient telemonitoring. To monitor the wellbeing as well as the environment of the patient, a range of medical and environmental sensors are used. These sensor data are then communicated to the server via a mobile device or a PC. In this research, a remote medical care checking gadget dependent on GPRS that can give online data about a patient’s ailment continuously. All facts pertaining to the sick person’s health will be directed to the web server, it permits the physicians to monitor the sick person’s health, where the physician can constantly watch the sick person’s illness on his Smart phone. The outcomes exhibited that this article can efficiently use the Internet of Things (IoT) equipment’s to monitor patient healthiness position. In addition, the power consumption of GPRS is also taken care. Thus, the intended scheme offers little complexity, little power usage, and highly handy for healthcare nursing of patients.