The aim of this project is to measure solar cell parameters through multiple sensor data acquisition. In this project, a solar panel is used that keeps monitoring the sunlight. Here different parameters of the solar panel like  light intensity, voltage, current and the temperature are monitored and are sent to a remote PC using a RF 2.4 GHz serial link. Microcontroller used here is from PIC16F8 family.

As we know, non-renewable energy sources are depleting  rapidly. Today, nations across world are looking for alternative energy resources like solar, wind, etc. From these renewable energy sources, solar energy source seems to be a future alternative energy source, as it is available in plenty. It is affordable and very easy to generate, as compared to atomic, wind and other resources, which are very conditional.

For example, wind energy is achievable only in areas which are at high altitudes and should have very high wind speeds. These conditions might not be favorable at all geo-graphical locations. This project is aimed to achieve greater accountability in solar energy generation, wherein the conditions that affect the energy generation like temperature, light intensity are continuously monitored along with  voltage generation factor .

The light intensity is monitored using an LDR sensor, voltage by voltage divider principle, current by series resistor and temperature by temperature sensor. All these data are displayed on a 16X2 LCD interfaced to PIC microcontroller and is also sent to a remote PC hyper terminal for display using a 2.4 GHz serial link.

Furthermore, this project can be enhanced by integrating a GSM module, wherein all the data can be sent remotely to any desired mobile phone.