A rescue analysis system is an IoT based monitoring system which collects data via sensors and stores the readings in an online IoT cloud database. These sensors are mounted upon a microcontroller called Arduino UNO which serves as a common platform for all the sensors to work. This rescue analysis system constitutes of various sensors namely DHT11 temperature sensors, BMP180 pressure and altitude sensor, MQ2 gas sensors, ESP8266 Wi-Fi module and a buzzer for the gas sensor. The data collected by these sensors record the subsequent environmental conditions and transmit the data from the Arduino UNO to the ThingSpeak IoT cloud. ThingSpeak is an IoT analytics platform that helps the rescue team aggregate, visualize and analyze the live data streams in the cloud. The data collected by these sensors will be sent to ThingSpeak and those readings will be reported back in the form of graphs. The recorded data assists the rescue team to eventually come up with an action plan.