An Indian Ocean tsunami on December 26, 2004 – which killed about 230,000 people in 11 countries – is the worst on record. An earthquake and a following tsunami killed more than 180 people on Samoa, American Samoa and nearby islands on Sept. 2009.

 The main aim of the project is to alert the fishermen in the sea when a tsunami is about to occur. The main purpose of the project is the safety of the farmers to avoid a disaster influence on them.  The project focuses on alerting the fishermen in the sea about a disaster like tsunami or earthquake. Nature is a very challenging thing at times. It is unbearable when there is a natural disaster.  The only thing we can do is to alert that a natural disaster is about to occur and necessary actions can be taken in order to escape from it.  In our system, we use an AVR controller. A vibration sensor is placed near the sea on the ground. Whenever there is a vibration in the ground, the earthquake is identified and the signals are sent to the controller. Immediately a call is done to the fishermen’s mobile via GSM module and is alerted. They are supposed to immediately leave the sea as soon as possible. In our project we use an LCD to view the status of the controller if the vibration sensor has sensed or not. In this  system, the alert system is given for fishermen to save their lives by taking necessary actions quickly. In this system, there is a controller which takes in the values given in by the vibration sensor when there is an earthquake.  The sensor values are sent to the fishermen’s phone via SMS saying that there has occurred an earthquake and alerts the whole team. Thus they will be able to take necessary actions to save their lives.TSUNAMI ALERT SYSTEM FOR FISHERMEN