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This paper presents a novel single-stage soft-switched high frequency link three-phase DC-AC converter topology. The topology supports unidirectional DC to AC power flow and is targeted for applications like grid integration of photovoltaic sources, fuel cell etc. The high frequency magnetic isolation results in reduction of system volume, weight and cost. Sine-wave pulse width modulation is implemented in DC side converter. Though high frequency switched, DC side converter is soft-switched for most part of the line cycle. The AC side converter active switches are line frequency switched incurring negligible switching loss. The line frequency switching of AC side converter facilitates use of high voltage blocking inherently slow semiconductor devices to generate high voltage AC output. In addition, a cascaded multilevel structure is presented in this paper for direct medium voltage AC grid integration. A detailed circuit analysis considering non-idealities like transformer leakage and switch capacitances, is presented in this paper. A 6kW three phase laboratory prototype is build. The presented simulation and experimental results verify the operation of proposed topologies.